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Species: Dog
Breed: Great Swiss Mt. Dog/Lab
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Owner: Ester
City: Oceanside, California
We rescued Elsie from a Chihuahua rescue at he age of 10 weeks. She is our couch potato, but when she is in her agility or flyball class, she is a class clown and ready to GO! She can be so silly she makes everyone who knows her laugh. Most of the time when she enters a room, everyone knows...Elsie is in the building as she usually announces herself with a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog howl! If anyone ever meets her, they usually never forget her. We love our little girl dearly and has been such a blessing.

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Before: Ragdoll cat with demodex gatoi

After: Looks who has a new furry belly!

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Dottie - is a rescue that now lives in Santa Monica, CA. She is also a patient at the Marina del Rey clinic.

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