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Species: Dog
Breed: Bloodhound
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Owner: Jen and Brian
City: Shelbyville, Kentucky
Porterhouse is not only a scent hound who loves to go for long hikes with me, but he has also helped me several times by telling me when my heart is going to act up. I have a heart arrhythmia and just about before it seems to go off he is the first one to come over to me and nudge me to let me know something is happening. He senses it before I do. The nudge with his nose is a completely different one from the typical "momma, I would like attention now." He has comforted me more times than I can count. Our life wouldn't be complete with out these boys and their silly, instinctive ways. He is also going to be 10 yrs. old in September 2013 and still just as youthful as a pup.

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Before: Anyone know a dermatologist? Harry was a rescue dog with a multitude of ailments.

After: Yes! This is the same dog! Now, living up to his name, "Harry".

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Dottie - is a rescue that now lives in Santa Monica, CA. She is also a patient at the Marina del Rey clinic.

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