Animal Dermatology Clinic - Louisville
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Animal Dermatology Clinic - Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky

 Animal Dermatology Clinic offers the latest in diagnostics and therapy in veterinary dermatology to care for your pet. 

Animal Dermatology Clinic
 Louisville is located at:
10302 Shelbyville Road
Blue Ridge Manor, KY 40223

Appointment days are Monday through Friday 9AM - 5PM 
  • Lexington satellite sees cases every other Wednesday
  • Evansville, IN satellite sees cases every month
For additional information regarding satellite clinic availability and to inquire about appointment times and scheduling, please call (502) 240-0947.
Contact Information

Phone: 502-240-0947
Fax: 502-240-0986
Web Site:

10302 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40223