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AFTER: Oscar

Patient: Oscar

Condition: Environmental Allergy and Atopy


Oscar was adopted at the height of his allergic condition. He groomed himself to alleviate his itchiness and the result was loss of his coat. The constant grooming caused vomiting of hairballs.


Oscar presented with both symptoms and history of having environmental allergies. His allergy test was very positive for insects and a few environmental trees, grasses and pigweed, along with house dust and dust mites. An antibiotic injection was been given to help treat the bacterial infection present. Six months later after allergy injections, his itchiness has dissipated and his coat has restored. Oscar was treated by Dr. Chris Reeder in Evansville, IN

Success Stories


Before: Donkey was so itchy she rubbed her coat off

After: Relief after allergy shots within months. She is now comfortable and her coat is restored.

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