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BEFORE: Vail the Donkey

AFTER: Vail the Donkey

Patient: Vail the Donkey

Condition: Environmental allergy


"Vail" is a pet donkey whose owners called Dr. Chris Reeder (Animal Dermatology Clinic - Louisville) because of the hair loss on her rear. Dr. Redder determined that Vail was rubbing her body to alleviate itchiness. Based upon history and an examination, Dr. Reeder suspected allergies and conducted an intradermal skin test on Vail. She was found to be allergic to a number of items and began allergy shots.


Within months, Vail's allergic symptoms abated and she was less itchy. She stopped trying to scratch herself and her coat returned. Photo taken one year later.

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Before: "Taffy” came to us in April 2009 and was diagnosed with pemphigus foliaceus

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