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Animal Dermatology Clinic Pasadena

is home to a new treatment that could signal relief for pets

PASADENA, Ca., March 2, 2017 -- Animal Dermatology Clinic (ADC) Pasadena is now offering a new treatment that speeds up the healing process for pets, with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Introduced in human medicine as the primary treatment for decompression sickness after diving, hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers a high oxygen concentration, combined with increased air pressure in the chamber, allowing oxygen to diffuse into the tissues to advance the healing process.

ADC Pasadena remains on the forefront of innovating its practice by currently being the only dermatology specialist in the world to offer this state-of-the-art equipment in-house. This new technology enhances ADC’s years of experience and advancements in clinical research which will further its impact on the future of veterinary dermatology. These contributions to the veterinary community will continue to demonstrate ADC’s commitment to excellence in patient care.

The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in veterinary medicine has been used to heal a variety of medical conditions through a noninvasive treatment that delivers 100-percent oxygen under pressure. It has been very effective for non-healing wounds, burns, deep tissue infections, bone infections, decubital ulcers, vasculitis, and post-surgical recovery.

“We are very excited to bring this amazing treatment option to patients in the San Gabriel Valley. The chamber we use is designed and built specifically for veterinary use and accommodates cats, small and large breed dogs, even as big as a Great Dane,” said Dr. John Angus.

Patients are closely monitored by a doctor and technician the entire time and remain calm without the need for sedation while undergoing treatment. Each treatment is about an hour allowing time for pressurization of the air to allow the body to absorb oxygen molecules in a compressed state. The increased air pressure raises the oxygen in the blood during treatment which accumulates and diffuses into tissues where chronic wound and soft tissue damage have occurred.

Damaged tissue requires more oxygen to survive. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen blood can carry, restoring normal levels of blood gasses and tissue function, to promote healing and fight infection.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is part of a diversified, continuum of care to successfully enhance the ability to treat patients. The chamber weighs nearly 1,250 pounds and measures approximately 6 feet long and is part of the clinic’s new Skin Care Center.

ADC Pasadena will continue to partner with primary veterinarians to determine if HBOT is the right fit for patients with primary dermatologic conditions along with other areas where hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help.

About ADC Pasadena

Animal Dermatology Clinic Pasadena is a specialty veterinary practice that has been treating pets in the San Gabriel Valley for nearly a decade. The team is led by John Angus, DVM, DACVD and is comprised of four veterinarians and ten supporting staff members and sees nearly 2,000 patients annually from Pasadena, Glendale, Arcadia, La Canada, and Studio City. ADC specializes in treating a variety of skin and ear diseases associated with allergies and immune-mediated and metabolic diseases. Board-certified doctors are experienced at recognizing the hundreds of skin diseases in pets and are skilled at pursuing appropriate diagnostics and treatment plans.

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